Elmas Group, LLC. is the Premier Supplier of state-of-the-art equipment

Photovoltaic Wafer, Printer Circuit Board manufacturing, Flex Circuit manufacturing, LTCC, MCM-L and MCM-C fabrication.


Manufacturer of high-resolution screen printing equipment.

CCD Camera Alignment; Via-Fill, Conductor & Solder Paste printing;

Screen printing support accessories: squeegees, screens, squeegee sharpeners.


Custom-made cutting tools & the Diamond (PCD) Specialized Manufacturer


Camera Alignment V-scoring & Panel finishing systems.


Punching systems for Green tape processing

Ceramic Green Sheet Punches & Cutters; Integrated Inspection; Specialized Tooling


Vibratory equipment for small parts alignment prior to insertion or processing.

Handles connector pins, capacitators, ceramic chips, PGA sockets, transistors, etc.

Can be used in some assembly operations.


Green Ceramic Punching & Cutting Systems
Via Fill & Pattern Print Systems
Isostatic Lamination Systems
Vibratory Alignment Systems
R&D, Low Volume to Large Scale Production Capabilities
Turn Key Plant Capabilities

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Printed Circuits / Rigid & Flex

Yellow Room / Dryfilm Equipment, Parts and Service
V-Score and Panel Finishing Equipment
Panel Tooling Systems
Blade Sharpening Services
Flex Panel Tooling & Finishing


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Solar Cell & Touch Panel

Silicon Wafer Fabrication and Printing Equipment
Touch Screen Printing


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