Module Title

Elmas Group is the
Premier Supplier of the
State-of-the-Art equipment

Photovoltaic Wafer, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, Flex Circuit manufacturing, LTCC, MCM-L and MCM-C fabrication.


  • Green Ceramic Punching & Cutting Systems
  • Via Fill & Pattern Print Systems
  • Isostatic Lamination Systems
  • Vibratory Alignment Systems
  • R&D, Low Volume to Large Scale Production Capabilities
  • Turn Key Plant Capabilities


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Printed Circuits / Rigid & Flex

  • Yellow Room / Dryfilm Equipment, Parts and Service
  • V-Score and Panel Finishing Equipment
  • Panel Tooling Systems
  • Blade Sharpening Services
  • Flex Panel Tooling & Finishing


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Solar Cell & Touch Panel

  • Silicon Wafer Fabrication and Printing Equipment
  • Touch Screen Printing







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