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Elmas Group is a premier supplier of state-of-the- art equipment for Photovoltaic Wafer, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, Flex Circuit manufacturing, LTCC, MCM-L and MCM-C fabrication.

The San Clemente based firm is part of a worldwide organization that includes partners in Europe and Japan.

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Elmas Group's product line includes:

Photovoltaic wafer printer, from R&D levels to turnkey solutions.

Inspection Equipment, Drill/ Fabrication Room parts, Small Via Hole Generating machines, and Screening Equipment for hybrid, MCM-C, HDI and printed circuits. Elmas Group is the leading supplier of MCM/MCM-L and LTCC fabrication equipment in North America and Europe.

See our Product Line for more information.


Manufacturers represented by Elmas Group include:


Elmas Group fabricates v-score, edge bevel tools, diamond and carbide tip blade sharpening and PU & PP rebuilding.

The company carries Sofmix V-Scoring, shearing, beveling, corner rounding equipment and UHT multi-head punch tools.

In addition to being a world class equipment supplier, Elmas Group has factory-trained service personnel to support all equipment sold. The San Clemente home office also has extensive stock of tooling and spare parts.